Dream Big Through Teen Years (13 Years and Over) / Bilingual

Product description

Opening a dialogue on Francophone Identity

Dream Big Through Teen Years deals in an entertaining way with the questions that arise during high school years concerning French language and culture. This booklet is intended for both teens and their parents: one side is for the Francophone parent and his or her teen and the other, for the Anglophone parent, so that both will feel equipped to contribute to a family environment in which French holds an important place. This booklet is written for teens attending French-language schools and their parents, whether they are French-speaking or English-speaking. It provides them with opportunities to reflect and share thoughts on the French language and the Francophone culture and identity. It includes testimonies of teens and parents of exogamous families. One side of the booklet is in French and the other is in English so that the English parent can be part of the dialogue, since all members of the family have a role to play in valuing French as a vibrant part of their lives both within and outside the home.

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