Advocacy for Public Education

The national, bilingual federation of teacher organizations leading a vision for quality publicly funded public education.

Our vision
A Canada where every child has equitable access to quality publicly funded public education.

Our mission
As a federation of Member Organizations, the CTF/FCE promotes and supports quality inclusive publicly funded public education, in all its forms. We uphold teaching as a profession and advocate for adequate resourcing, labour rights, and social justice, across Canada and around the world.


  • Ensuring adequate funding and
    resourcing for public education.

  • Strengthening labour rights and unionization.

  • Advancing social justice in Canada and around the world.

A strong publicly funded public education system is essential to creating and sustaining a diverse, inclusive, and equitable democratic society that works for the good of all citizens.

As a bilingual federation representing teachers’ organizations, we offer a wide variety of programs, services, resources and events that support teachers’ professional learning, economic and personal well-being, and we take action on important issues affecting students, teachers, and other education workers everyday.

We are also an active partner in the effort to ensure full respect for the rights of Francophones to quality education. Several strategies are used to support teachers in French-language minority schools and to intervene on their behalf with national partners.

From coast to coast to coast, we advocate to improve the quality of education and to inspire collective action to build a better world.