“But at what cost?” Teacher mental health during COVID-19: Pandemic Research Report (2022)

Product description

The CTF/FCE pandemic research report, “But at what cost?” Teacher mental health during COVID-19, captures first-hand accounts and an in-depth understanding of living through a pandemic as a teacher during the 2020-2021 school year. The collected narratives from the interviews reveal how and why various aspects of their professional lives contributed to a decline in mental health.

Over 2,300 teachers from the October 2020 Teacher Mental Health Check-in Survey volunteered to be contacted for a follow-up interview, and 110 teachers were recruited from the CTF/FCE’s 18 Member and Associate Organizations. A total of 32 open-ended, semi-structured interviews were conducted in both official languages from February 20 – April 4, 2021.

This report is available in PDF version. 


Podcast: A Conversation on Pan-Canadian Teacher Mental Health During COVID-19 

This special edition podcast, with Dr. Pamela Rogers, CTF/FCE Director of Research and Professional Learning, and Nichole Grant, Researcher and Policy Analyst, unpacks the report’s key findings. It also delves into the professional and personal realities facing teachers and education workers throughout the pandemic. President Sam Hammond also outlines what needs to happen next at the national level to address this national mental health crisis. 

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(Podcast in English only with transcript, as well as English and French highlights one-pager).